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The CoolBlu Cooler deploys a world-class control system allowing the user to use the cooler as a food cooler or beverage cooler. The state-of-the-art locking system is simply programmed to turn on/off through the control system. This eliminates the need for different types of coolers. CoolBlu can do it all.


NAMA certified, this cooler has built in Bluetooth Technology with the ability to track the number of door openings, the length of time the cooler has been without power, the time between the last power cycles, and finally, the maximum temperature inside the cabinet. Telemetry is also an option with CoolBlu.

CoolBlu Cooler with Header

    • Modular Refrigeration Deck/EZ Lift System
    • Remote Monitoring Capabilities
    • Larger Capacity, Larger Revenue
    • PicoCooler/Savant Ready
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